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CW: Reading this post could cause immense distress to individuals that do not deal with existentialism well.

What I am about to describe and discuss is considered to be one of the most dangerous thought experiments in human history. Along with the trigger warning at the top of this article, I want to reiterate that simply reading the analysis and the thought experiment can cause distress to individuals that do not deal with existentialism well. That being said, I plan to pose a challenge to the thought experiment so perhaps any existential dread you feel from the thought experiment will…

This is my candy jar — i.e. where all the sweetest things in life are.

I have listed (in no particular order) things you should read, watch, listen to, or generally indulge in for a better life.

Each item in this list has the “Arunabh Stamp of Approval”.

I will continue to add to this list as I continue to encounter things on our magnificent planet.

Things to Read:


Narratives of the greats in history often converge in key areas. For one, it is often easy to see that those who became masters at their craft dedicated their entire life to being the best. Very few remember those individuals that were locally or nationally recognized for the arts or sciences, but we tend to recognize the names of individuals that revolutionized particular fields for the entire world. Even then, there lies a large swath of influential figures that may never make it to the history books. Physicists like Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar or artists like Paolo Veronese may never touch the…

The original “Pirate Game” was popularized by Ian Stewart, an English mathematician

Let’s play a game. Imagine you are a pirate, sailing across the tempestuous Black Sea. You are the leader of a crew which includes yourself and two others. Because the conditions of the sea deter any of you from going on the deck and enjoying the open water, all three of you are stuck inside with a treasure chest full of 100 gold coins that you have stolen from an enemy ship. Now that we have got a bit of a backstory set up, here are the stipulations of the game:

  1. You are the head pirate, which means that you…


It is a common stereotype that has become popularized during the COVID pandemic: astrology girls and stock market boys. From Twitter to Tiktok, the joke has proliferated to a popular topic for debate between couples and friends: is astrology just a joke or a metaphysical representation of human life?

Personally, I find myself in the same basket as many men, apprehensive and hostile towards the obsession that a growing number of individuals have with astrology. This is odd, given that when I was younger I remember going through the horoscopes that would be published in the morning paper with my…

Arunabh Sarkar

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